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Youth programs

Bouldering is the ultimate challenge; strength, flexibility, strategy and composure all play a part in reaching the top. Our programs focus on developing technique and building foundation strength while also teaching strategies to climb efficiently and overcome problems, to both succeed in climbing and in everyday life.  

While bouldering can be done solo we believe that working with a small team is best for the development of the child and for their enjoyment through climbing, providing a fun, safe and encouraging environment for our Nomads.

All Nomad students joining our program must participate in a minimum of 1 term of beginner training.


Nomads 1.0 (Beginner) Tuesday 4.00pm-5.30pm or Thursday 4.30pm-6.00pm

1 x 1.5 hours training sessions each week run over the length of the school term. These sessions will focus on teaching safety, footwork, body positioning and building foundation strength for future climbing and overall health and well being.


Ten weeks of coaching | $220.00

Ten weeks of coaching + unlimited membership during school term and 2 week school holiday | $320.00 


Nomads 2.0 (Intermediate) Tuesday 4.00pm-5.30pm and Thursday 4.00pm-6.00pm

2  training sessions each week. The kids in these sessions will have grasped basic technique and will be ready to move on to more advanced training and climbing strategy, starting to direct their motivation to achieving new colours and strength goals within Nomad.

*You cannot book into this class through the website, the class is selected through the beginner class by our coaches.