NOMAD offers a number of options for your next group event. Whether it’s a birthday party, school trip or corporate gathering.  Organise your group around the type of event and activities you would like – whether it’s team building excercise or group fun, climbing in our spectacular bouldering arena.  Our parties and groups are open to all skill levels. No experience is necessary!


All bookings except Basics must be made at a minimum one week in advance. Basics must be booked prior to arriving.


BASICS (Must be 10+ people)

  • $18.00pp Entry

  • $4.00pp Shoe Hire

  • Safety Instructions for all new climbers


$249/Up to 10 Climbers

  • Safety Instructions for kids

  • Private party space – 1 hour

  • Rental gear (shoes and chalk bag)

  • 10% discount available for weekday parties (Monday-Thursday)

  • $20 for each additional climber


$100/ Per Booking

We also offer Party Hosts that you can reserve for your booking to help make the most of your visit to Nomad. Our instructors can help with technique training, team building or just assist in running a fun little competition amongst friends.


$299.00/ Up to 10 Climbers

  • Includes use of the party room for 2.5 hrs

  • Chalk and Shoes for participants

  • Designated Party Host to make sure your kids have fun and stay safe

  • Ages 10+

  • $18.00 for every additional climber (Max 15 kids per party)

  • Kids Party slots on weekends are 10am-12pm or 4pm-6pm


For all booking enquiries please email:

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