Yoga is an activity that will help every climber, and every yogie should give climbing a go. Simply put, yoga will help everyone on their way to being a well rounded climber.
• Increase flexibility, mobility and strength
• Work opposing muscle groups
• Develop strength for climbing
• Clear your mind
• Vinyasa Flow is a free class for members / $20 for drop in visits/$30 for drop in casual climb and yoga

Vinyasa Flow: is a dynamic and challenging flow practice. The class is structured to build strength and foundation while you explore a repertoire of poses and transitions. Be prepared to flow, play, and experiment with your practice and you will walk away feeling strong, refreshed and energised. 

All levels are welcome. With modifications available for beginners and stronger options for the more seasoned yogi. This is a non-heated class. Mats and blocks will be provided for your session.

Please ensure you check with your health practitioner before coming to a class, if you have any medical condition or recent injury, and make sure we are aware of any health issues.


Bouldering is the ultimate challenge; strength, flexibility, strategy and composure all play a part in reaching the top. Our programs focus on developing technique and building foundation strength while also teaching strategies to climb efficiently and overcome problems, to both succeed in climbing and in everyday life.  

While bouldering can be done solo we believe that working with a small team is best for the development of the child and for their enjoyment through climbing, providing a fun, safe and encouraging environment for our Nomads.

All Nomad students joining our program must participate in a minimum of 1 term of beginner training.


Nomad Coaching Clinic (Beginner) Tuesday 4.00pm-5.30pm or Thursday 4.30pm-6.00pm

1 x 1.5 hours training sessions each week run over the length of the school term. These sessions will focus on teaching safety, footwork, body positioning and building foundation strength for future climbing and overall health and well being.  


Nomads Coaching Clinic (Intermediate) Tuesday 4.00pm-5.30pm and Thursday 4.00pm-6.00pm

2  training sessions each week. The kids in these sessions will have grasped basic technique and will be ready to move on to more advanced training and climbing strategy, starting to direct their motivation to achieving new colours and strength goals within Nomad.


To book in for our youth program please email:



Our school holiday programs run over 3 days, all gear and food is included. Over the 3 days your child will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental movements of climbing while having fun and making friends in an exciting and challenging environment. Your child will be in great hands with our qualified and experienced instructors. 

Suitable: 8-16 years

Cost: $200.00



Our fitness area features strength, cardio and core fitness equipment. The area includes weights, bench, rings, pull up bar bar, medicine and swiss balls.




beginner-boulde_22553246 (1).png

Our beginner program is designed to safely introduce new comers to bouldering, and the techniques and training tools used to safely improve. Beginner workshops are ideal for people working between Blue and Purple on our graded charts.

During the course you will get 4, 2 hour group training sessions as well as an unlimited 1 month membership with gear to put what you learn into practice. Each class will be limited to 8 climbers to ensure you are getting quality time with the coaches.

Next course 16/1/18.




This program steps away from the wall and takes you through the tried and tested training theories around upper body strength, hangboarding, endurance and antagonist work, so you are keeping all those hard working muscles healthy!

Much like our beginner course this program will run over 4 weeks each week with a different focus so you can add as much knowledge to your training toolbox as possible and start to implement what you learn into your training schedules. In the last session of the program we will work with you to create your first 6 week program to take away and get training!

Next course starting - TBC

Email us at to book.


Aurel is one of Australia's top climbers in competition and outdoors, he has been climbing for 17 years starting when he was just a boy in his hometown of Nice, France. Aurel  is Nomad Bouldering's newest in house personal trainer and is thrilled to share his own technical climbing style with the Nomad community.

Aurel will be offering 1hr and 2hr blocks of coaching on Tuesday and Thursday for individuals or groups up to 4.